Bone Broth – exploring the health benefits

Benefits of bone broth

Want a great tip for staying healthy? Then you should make bone broth regularly, which is so nourishing and helps to keep your immune system strong. Nothing is as comforting nor as nutritionally nourishing as a long-cooked, deliciously rich and flavoursome broth made by simmering all the good stuff out of a simple brew of animal bones, apple cider vinegar, vegies, herbs and just enough filtered water to cover the bones.


So what’s in bone broth that makes it such an incredibly powerful medicinal and healing agent? Firstly, it’s packed with major minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium, silicone, sulphur and other trace minerals, such as copper, which the body needs less of but are equally as important. In liquid form these minerals are much more effectively absorbed by the body. So many cultures around the world have broth as a staple food in their diets, and in fact many consume the cheap and nutrient rich food on a regular basis.


Have you ever heard that old adage – “eat chicken soup when you’re feeling unwell”. Well, that’s why there are a prevalence of diets that are encouraging the consumption of bone broths due to their health benefits. Bone broth is usually cooked using only the highest quality bones, and is cooked for a long length of time (usually over 18 hours), using water and some form of acid. Most people use citrus or apple cider vinegar, as these acids help leech the minerals from the bones and infuse them into the water – and thus you have a health and nutritious broth. By slowly cooking the bones in the water and the acids, the slow cooking time can draw out all the supposed healthful elements from the bones.


So lets take a look at some of the expected health benefits of bone broth:

Health Benefits Disclaimer

Always consult your physician when treating any condition. The health benefits of certain products and/or remedies are not guaranteed and you should always consult your primary care provider before embarking on any treatment regime
  1. Colds and Flu fighter

    Remember when we said that you should eat chicken soup when you’re unwell? Well, scientists have actually undertaken studies and found that carnosine can indeed mobilise the immune system when fighting of flu and early symptoms of colds. Carnosine is of course a compound found in many chicken soup recipes and prevalent in many broths as well

  2. Metabolism booster There is a fair amount of glycine within bone broth, and it is this compound which is said to help pump sugar into your tissues to assist with increased energy levels.

  3. Heals the gut lining There is a fair amount of glutamine found in bone broth, and glutamine is known to be helpful in maintaining the intestinal wall. The glutamine found in bone broth can potentially be helpful with the healing of the gut wall.

  4. Collagen rich Bone broth contains a fair amount of collagen – yes the ingredient you find in many skin moisturizers and collagen supplements as well.

  5. Can aid with digestion Bone broth contains amino acids that can aid with digestion. Whilst glycine helps with synthesis of most important antioxidants the body makes, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels. Glycine also stimulates the production of stomach acid, which helps with digestion and helps the liver remove toxins from the body.

No one health recommendation is a quick fix or cure-all but drinking some bone broth is an easy and beneficial way to keep your body in balance and support the body’s natural defence system. Bone broths are nutrient-dense, rich in flavour and benefit nearly every part of the body. Rich in amino acids, collagen, gelatine and trace minerals, bone broths also contain many nutrients which can’t be obtained easily from other commonly eaten foods

So if you’re looking for a powerful detoxification agent, why not give bone broth a go, as it helps the digestive system expel waste and promotes the liver’s ability to remove toxins.


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