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Best Collagen Supplements

A common problem many women in the UK experience when they age is that the collagen levels in the face deplete, which in turn reduces skin elasticity and leaves the complexion lined, saggy and drawn. Basically, when the face ages, one of the side effects of the ageing process is that the collagen levels in the dermal layer of the skin decrease, so the skin can weaken, and lose [...]

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Best Curcumin Supplements – UK Buyers Guide

With its multi-cultural society, more and more consumers within the UK are being exposed to natural remedies and none more so than the health benefits provided by turmeric and its active substance called curcumin. Turmeric is well regarded on the Indian subcontinent and within South East Asia as a root that has wondrous healing properties. In fact new evidence from recent scien [...]

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Best Testosterone Boosters

There is no doubt that testosterone appears to play an important role in the health outcomes of older men, and this is especially so in the UK where the majority of men over 40 are now seeking out testosterone boosters in the form of testosterone booster supplements or other such test booster treatments. In fact, research has even indicated that taking testosterone may improve [...]

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Best Aloe Vera Juice

You may have heard that one of the latest hip trends in health and wellness is aloe vera juice, but does sipping on this succulent's juice really improve your health and your looks as well? There are a few aloe vera juice products currently in the UK, but you obviously want the best aloe vera juice for your money ! So our team of experts have tested a few of these aloe vera jui [...]

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Getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation

Pigmentation issues affect more than 40% of women in the UK, and over 90% have some form of skin blemish issue. Skin blemishes can be caused by everything from sun exposure and skin ageing to genetics and even hormonal imbalances. In fact, even some skincare products that you use can cause some blemishes so its always important to test products on a small area to test the effec [...]

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Caring for your skin and skin irritation remedies

Your skin has many important functions in keeping you healthy, quite apart of course from the fact that your appearance depends a great deal on its condition. Its main purpose is to act as a protective covering against the entry of germs and irritating substances into the body. In many cases skin irritations are caused from contact with a particular substance, such as strong or [...]

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Skincare routines during winter months

Winter is nearly upon us, and when the cold winter winds whip across your skin, it is not hard to work out why you might be feeling dry and tight. Combined with the effects of indoor heating, wintry conditions can strip the skin of essential moisture, particularly affecting the lips and cheeks. Many people develop eczema or dermatitis during the colder months, due in part to a [...]

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Health & Wellness

Bone Broth – exploring the health benefits

Want a great tip for staying healthy? Then you should make bone broth regularly, which is so nourishing and helps to keep your immune system strong. Nothing is as comforting nor as nutritionally nourishing as a long-cooked, deliciously rich and flavoursome broth made by simmering all the good stuff out of a simple brew of animal bones, apple cider vinegar, vegies, herbs and jus [...]

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